Friday, July 19, 2013

Wissahickon Restoration Weekly Update

After another week of hard work we have completed a portion of the Wissahickon Restoration.
Please view the updated time-lapse videos and photos below.

Team Effort!  Keith Foster with PCC's Restoration Committee on a hot Tuesday

Very early rough-grading of the big bunker on 7

Video Updates
#5 Time Lapse

Great Hazard Time Lapse

“The Great Hazard” on #4 is transitioning from the rough-grading stage to the fine-grading stage. 
During this process our new bunker faces are being sand-capped with our old bunker sand.   As PCC lies in the Mid-Atlantic Region of the U.S., the combination of plenty of annual rainfall with heavy soils can cause native fescue’s to naturally become thick.  Sand-capping is an effort to try to keep the new fescue drier and thinner than what they would naturally want to become.  
We expect final approvals on #4 next week.  This will allow us to sod around bunkers quickly thereafter.

Grading on "The Great Hazard"

Using old bunker sand to sand-cap bunker faces on "The Great Hazard" on 4
 Evening photo of today's progress on "The Great Hazard" on 4
#5 / #6
#5 green and #6 tees were buttoned up this week.  This provides members a clear view of our finished product.  Bentgrass green, tee, and approach sod was installed this week.  In addition, the one-third of #5 fairway closest to the green was also sodded. 
#5: green, approach, and some fairway sod going down in the next few days
Green sod on 5 going down
Quick after-care of 5 greens sod
5 green complex wrapping up for the day

 6 tees / 5 green

We will be heading down the home-stretch on #6 next week as well.  Sod has already been placed around two fairway bunkers.  We will be lining the remaining greenside bunkers today.  By the end of next week, we hope to achieve final approvals so we can complete the hole within the next couple weeks.

Keith Foster works on perfecting a bunker floor on 6

 Testing bunker-zone irrigation on a fairway bunker on 6

Phase 1 Rough Grading
Rough grading continues on #4 & #7 tees, and all of #7.  Next week, rough grading will begin on holes #8 and #9 as well.