Saturday, July 27, 2013

Time Lapse Video Updates

5 green is wrapped up and the time lapse camera has been moved to begin capturing work being done in phase II.  Please enjoy the video below.

A lot of work has been done on "The Great Hazard" this week.  Please view the video below to see the progress.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Wissahickon Restoration Weekly Update July 26, 2013

We are happy to report Holes #4 and #6 will be wrapping up in the coming days!  Members will observe that most areas where grading occurred have been sodded.  Undisturbed areas will be seeded as sections of the course are completed.  Please view the pictures below to see all of the work that has been completed this week.

Keith Foster previewing restoration progress with PCC's Board of Directors

 Another new, handmade cooler to replace our old green ones

 First cut on 5 green....4 days after laying sod

First mowing (by hand) on advanced, phase 3 grow-in on #11 fwy. Staff adjusting straw from fwy to rough
Two truckloads of refrigerated bentgrass for 4 & 6 green

#4 / "The Great Hazard"
This week, Keith Foster included a couple of small areas of regular rough into PCC's "Hells Half Acre" feature.  For members concerned about an errant shot which lands in The Great Hazard, these small areas of "purgatory" will provide nice relief, and a definite sign of good luck.  The bunker sand is already installed, and tomorrow's fescue sodding will put the finishing touches on this grand feature.
Below are pictures from this week's progress on #4 and the "The Great Hazard"

Little bit of activity on The Great Hazard 

 Detailing the bunker floor on the right fairway bunker of #4 driving zone

 Great Hazard with bunker sand

 #4 front bunker with sand being installed on the right bunkers

 A right-hand side view of #4 bunkers near the green

 View of 4 green with  sod around bunkers

 4 green and surround completed!  Proud of our staff for their detail work. They make difficult fwy tie-in work between new and old look easy

All areas which were sodded due to grading are complete.  This includes the green, approach, and the surround sod.  Below are photos of this week's progress on #6.

 Tanto Irrigation installing #6 bunker zone irrigation alongside PCC staff installing matrix liner

PCC staff performing the fairway tie-ins on 6

 PCC staff performing the fairway and approach tie-ins on 6

 Today on #6. Green, approach, rough, and fescue sod

#6 green and surround completed!

 Another view from the fairway on 6

On #9, two optional tees have been added to increase course set-up flexibility.  The championship tee rests immediately behind the left rear bunker on #8 (about 40 feet from the office window at the maintenance facility).  This should prove very challenging for PCC's best golfers. 
For shorter, more casual play, there will be an additional forward tee across Loraine run and to the left.  This tee will eliminate a forced carry over the creek, and gives members a straight shot between the two fairway bunkers.

#9 championship tee roughed graded.....about 40 ft from the Maintenance facility!