Friday, August 18, 2017

Wissahickon #9 Hole Adjustment

During our closed period for aerification on Wissahickon, we worked on the changes on 9 Wissahickon. The dead elm was cut down and removed. The new layout to 9 would consist of native fine fescue along the right side of 9 fairway and tying into the fairway bunkers. Rather than waste the rough sod on the right side of 9 we flopped it over to the left of 6 fairway.

The view from 9 tee with the fescue native as it will look next year

The view of 9 from the fairway with the fescue native as it will look next year

View from behind 6 green of aerification processes continuing while sod work is under way

Sod from 9 being laid on 6 in the foreground along with fairway mowers.  In the background, is our crew cutting the rough sod for 6 as well as a crew laying fescue native sod at the same time

Once stripped we began sod swapping 9 rough to the left of 6

The fine fescue will tie into the right side of the fairway bunkers for a natural look

Fine fescue installed

St. Martins #1 Fairway Adjustment & Bunker Addition

At St Martins we shifted the fairway to the left and added a fairway bunker on the right side of the fairway.  Below are some photos of the work being done.

Removing Zoysia sod from the right side which will be moved to the left side in order to shift the fairway.  Bunker being constructed at the same time.
Zoysia Sod laid on the left side where there used to be rough.

Rough sod going in on the right side and drainage being added to the new bunker.

Bunker Matrix being added to the bunker.

Bunker sand being added to the new bunker and compacted.

Finished Bunker

New view from the 1st tee with the fairway shifted to the left and newly added bunker.