Thursday, April 15, 2010

Militia Hill Bunker Project

We are heading down the home stretch of our Militia Hill bunker project. Our staff's dedication and efficiencies throughout this process has made performing a wall to wall bunker project look easy.

Many courses have to stage this work over an entire off-season; some will even divide it amongst two off seasons. Our first shovel went into the sand Monday, March 8th, and the entire bunker project will be completed in only 7 weeks!

A big thanks needs to go out to our membership for deciding to tackle this work. It will surely provide you with much better golfing experiences through improved aesthetics and bunker playability. In addition, you will see other areas of the course quickly improve as we will not be spending as much time making frequent repairs following rainfall events or during the season. It will be refreshing to be able to direct works efforts towards tasks which had begun to lag behind due to the previous high demands of our bunkers.

#1 at Militia Hill with the new sand in place. Although beautiful, the sand will take a few months to settle and firm up.

Dumping sand in our new bunkers.

The bunkers on #6 are ready for sand.

The excavation process in full force.

The old bunker sand which you see in the background will be shaped and hydro-seeded. This new look and function will do a better job of hiding our dump area from the #3 Militia Hill tee box.