Friday, July 12, 2013

Wissahickon Restoration Update

Great progress was made this week.

#5-  The bunker liner, sand, and sod were all installed this week.   This combination provides a glimpse of the finished look.  We expect to lay the green and approach sod next week.

#4-  Rough shaping of “The Great Hazard” was also accomplished.  It is exciting to see one the club’s post-card features begin to take shape.
Please view the updated time-lapse videos and photos below.
Drainage and gravel installation on 5 green
 Detailed raking of the gravel layer on 5 green

Installation of the greens mix

First matrix liner installed on #5 front bunker.  Sand coming soon!

View of #5 front bunker

First loads of bunker sand on #5

Starting the excavation and reintroduction of "The Great Hazard" at Philadelphia Cricket Club

Keith Foster and the Medalist Golf team evaluating The Great Hazard shaping on #4
 Keith Foster and Restoration Chairman, Dr. Greg Guyer, 
discussing The Great Hazard rough grading on #4 
 Dr. Guyer having some fun on 6 approving sub-grades with the "total station".
 Laying Sod on #5

Close-up of #5, front green-side bunker
 #5 with the bunkers sanded and grassed!
 Finish grade on 5 green, sod next week! 
 Full-scale view of 5 green
Time Lapse Video of "The Great Hazard"
 Up to date time lapse video of construction at 5 green