Friday, January 16, 2015

St Martins Brick Path Update

Despite the cold weather, our staff has made great progress on the brick-path work at St Martins. This connected network is increasing member-safety and convenience, while also creating larger, multi-purpose event spaces.

See below the expanded landing outside of the tennis shop, and the connecting walk-paths to the squash courts.

The old landing between the porch and tennis shop.

Starting the newly-expanded landing.

Checking the lines and fine tuning the bricks.

The landing is coming to a close as the sun sets. 

Patio viewed from the existing outdoor patio

The brick-path coming from the squash courts will connect to the paddle tennis parking lot.

Before and After.  Previously, members walked much of our St. Martins campus with vehicle traffic.  The new paths allow for full, safe separation of pedestrians and vehicles. 

Front of the club house before.

Leveling the sand layer in preparation for the bricks

Laying bricks as we approach the end of the walk path

The new walk path connecting the main entrance to the ballroom.