Thursday, August 29, 2013

Time Lapse Video of #3 green construction

Please enjoy the new time lapse video of the construction of 3 green.  You can also see some of the construction being done on 10 green in the foreground and the construction of the tees for number 10 on the  top, right hand side of the screen.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Wissahickon Restoration Update 8/23/13

All three phases continued to go smoothly this week which included the contractors moving out of phase I.  Phase I still has some detail work remaining but has seen the major aspects of the project wrap up.  With Phase I done; from the contractors aspect, they have been really making progress in Phase II and Phase III.  Please enjoy the picture and video updates below to see the true scope of this week's progress.

Phase I

This week saw the major construction of Phase I come to a end with the completion of 8 and 9.  This included the laying of the green, tee, and approach sod on 8 and 9.  We also seeded the areas on 8 and 9 that did not get sodded and we are continuing with our detail work throughout Phase I.

#8 green complex nearing completion.

Time lapse video of 8 green from start to finish
Morning view of phase 1 behind 8 green / 9 tees

Phase II

The greens and surrounds of holes 2, 3, and 10 were all completed this week along with the bunkers getting wrapped up.  Work also continues on greens 1, 11, and 18.

 #18...all systems go!

 #10 green sodded. Small, left bunker reintroduced
#10 green right-hand side view

 Few guys working in, and around #2 green

 Sodding #3 green

 Sodding 3 green (view from 9 green)

Phase III

Phase III had already gotten moving earlier with the removal of brush to the right of #15 green and behind #16 tee but this week saw the beginning of the rough grading of both #14 green complex (including the "mini great hazard" in front of #15 green complex. 

Keith and project team previewing 16 from new champ tee....beautiful corner of property

Friday, August 16, 2013

Wissahickon Restoration Update 8/16/13

This week saw more good progress being made in all 3 phases of the project.  Despite the heavy rain on Tuesday many facets of the project went forward without any hesitation.

Phase I

The contractors continued to move forward with the final grading details of holes 8 and 9.  Irrigation was also installed throughout most of phase I and is now up and running.  We also finished sodding around and adding sand to bunkers on 8 and 9.  We also continued to seed where needed and are getting good coverage already.  This can be seen in the video of the great hazard which captures the process from seeding to where we stand now.

 The 8th hole! Reintroduced back bunkers. Recaptured full size of green while maintaining strong undulations

 The 7th hole with new bunker zone irrigation on bunker faces

9 green and approach view from trestle

 Installing lateral irrigation on #9 fairway, and installing sod around #7 tee surrounds

#6 rough and fairway seed growing in great!

 Time Lapse video of seed germinating on #4

Phase II

Phase II continues to move along at a steady pace and saw the rough grading of the 18 green complex which includes the practice green and #1 tee start to take shape.

 Keith Foster overseeing the rough-grading of the new warm-up green near the back tee of #1

 New back tee on #1 and new warm-up putting green

Phase III

We are continue to grow in the fairways and rough in advance of the contractors getting to phase III.  We have excellent turf coverage throughout most of phase III and continue to fine tune the any trouble areas. 

Gathering shot data from Allison Shoemaker and Alison Rudolf to assist with forward tee placement

 Fertilizing phase 3 fairways at dawn (#11)

Friday, August 9, 2013

Wissahickon Restoration Update

All facets of the Wissahickon Restoration are moving at full speed this week with work being done on all three phases.

Phase I
The contractors are working hard to get phase I buttoned up with in the coming weeks.  Please enjoy the photos below to see all of the progress done last week in phase I.  There is also a video of the progress at "The Great Hazard".

Hole #4 / "The Great Hazard"

 Tidying up left fairway bunker on 4 

View of reintroduced, left bunker near 4 green

 Starting to lay fescue in The Great Hazard

 All bunkers of The Great Hazard

 Great Hazard sodding coming along nicely

The Great Hazard on it's first clear day

 #4 from the forward tee

 View of #4 from back tee

Time Lapse video of "The Great Hazard"

Hole #7
This past week, most of hole 7 was completed.  This included the sodding of the greens and surrounds and the installation of all bunker sand and sod around the bunkers.

PCC staff lining left fairway bunkers on 7

 Sodding 7 green and lining green side bunkers

 Re-introducing our church pew bunkers on 7

#7 bunkers

#7 church pew bunkers complete!

Hole #8

 #8 champ tee...close to 230 yds

Phase II
Rough Grading continues to progress in the areas of #1 Tee / #18 Green as well as the Green Complexes on #1, 11, and 17.

 Beginning to core #11 green

Rough Grading of #3, 10, and 2 is completed and finish grading and bunker edging has begun.

 Rough grading #3 (view from #9 Green Complex) 

3 green rough graded

Coring #2 green. Also in background, advanced fairway seeding going very well on phase 2 & 3

 10 rough graded