Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Flourtown Clubhouse Improvement Update

The past month we finished up some of our capital improvements at the Flourtown campus.  We painted the exterior of the Wissahickon Clubhouse and replaced carpet within the Terrace Room.  We also sealed our parking lot and repainted our parking spaces and directional signage.  The main entrance signs that hang outside the Militia Hill and Wissahickon parking lot got a face lift as well.

Freshly painted clubhouse with the awning up.

 Flourtown Clubhouse as you enter the Women's Locker room.

View of the clubhouse behind 10 green.

 New Carpet in the Flourtown Clubhouse.

Freshly Sealed Parking Lot

Entrance Sign at Flourtown Clubhouse

Friday, April 12, 2019

Artificial Putting Green

The new artificial putting green has been completed and officially opened to provide a nice quiet area for the membership to enjoy a fun round of miniature golf or practice their putting before their next round on the golf course.

Newly opened artificial putting green

Some of the crew who helped create the artificial putting green getting to enjoy the fruits of their labor on opening day.

Family enjoying the artificial putting green and newly renovated space

Friday, March 15, 2019

Spring Update

With the nice weather this week and the golf season right around the corner we wanted to provide an update on some of the projects that are coming to completion as we start to put full efforts to getting the golf courses ready for the season.

Construction of the covered bag area outside the Militia Hill Clubhouse

Area finished with just the awning needing to be added

Installation of artificial turf near the teaching areas to improve aesthetics from foot traffic

 Area prepped and ready for the artificial turf

 Nailing down the rolls of artificial turf

Cutting the turf to fit it perfectly together so there are no visible seams

Artificial turf in place just in time for the first lesson of the season with nice weather

Expansion of the Pool Pub back-of-house infrastructure

Expansion behind the pool pub to add to infrastructure

Friday, February 15, 2019

Winter Project Update

Our grounds staff has been working aggressively between freeze and thaw cycles to keep projects progressing on time for Spring.

At St Martins, we are finalizing the hole locations on our artificial putting before we install the turf and put down our brick border.  We have also completed construction on the a roof extension at the pool back-of-house to increase storage  and space for storage for a new ice machine.

At Flourtown, we are working on installing new artificial turf at the upper range tee by the teaching sheds to help deal with the sustained and concentrated traffic up there.  We are also working on installing a new awning at the Militia Hill club house.  We are currently in the process of installing a bluestone base.

Starting to pick out hole locations on the artificial putting green

Working on the roof extension

Roof extension completed with over twice the room for storage

Area outside teaching sheds getting prepared and ready for artificial turf

Area ready for artificial turf

 Artificial turf being nailed down in place

 Artificial Turf being cut to fit

Area sodded and already being used for a lesson

Pouring the concrete base for bluestone

Still working through the snow to keep up with progress

Starting to lay bluestone for an extension of the existing MH patio.

Laying bluestone outside of the MH Pro Shop entrance and future site of new bag drop awning.

Bluestone laid after day 2.

Finished patio and awning at Militia Hill Club House

Thursday, February 14, 2019

St Martins Carpet Replacement

Recently the carpet at St Martins in the Blue Room, the Cricket Room, and the Women's Locker Room have all been replaced.

Blue Room Before

The old carpet being removed from the Blue Room

Blue Room After

Cricket Room Before

Old carpet being removed from the Cricket Room

Cricket Room After

Women's Locker Room Before

Preparing the Women's Locker Room for new carpet

Women's Locker Room After

Women's Locker Room After

Sunday, January 20, 2019

St Martins Artificial Putting Green

Our in-house project team constructing the mini-golf inspired artificial putting green at St Martins.

Review of fine grade prior to setting in slight undulations and the brick border.

When the plants leaf out in the Spring, this putting green will feel intimate and tucked-in among the Magnolia Trees

View from the back corner facing toward the Great Lawn.

Starting to pick out possible hole locations

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

St Martins Golf Course Cart Path Repairs

We recently replaced the deteriorating asphalt cart path entries on the golf course with brick.  This improvement has immediately provided a clean, classic look and visually ties together both sides of our property intersected by Harwell Lane.

Putting the curb in ahead of putting down the sand and laying the brick 

 Laying brick on path behind #6 green

 Laying brick on path on #9

Pushing sand and laying the last few bricks on the cart path behind 6 green

The before view of the cart path on 9 from the club house side of Hartwell

 The after view of the cart path on 9 from the club house side of Hartwell

  The before view of the cart path on 1 from the club house side of Hartwell

The after view of the cart path on 1 from the club house side of Hartwell

The before view of the cart path behind 3 green

The after view of the cart path behind 3 green

The before view of the cart path leading to #7 

The after view of the cart path leading to #7