Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The First Green at Philadelphia Cricket Club!

Yesterday we were excited to work alongside The First Green in hosting Whitemarsh Elementary 3rd graders to discover the wonderful game of golf and the behind the scenes science that goes into making a golf course. The field trip was successful due to our collaboration of local environmental groups including Temple University, Wissahickon Valley Watershed Association, Morris Arboretum, USGA, GCSAA, The First Tee of Greater Philadelphia, Philadelphia Section of the PGA, Montgomery County Conservation District, The Golf Association of Philadelphia, and PAGCS.

Dr. Vergare welcoming the students of White Marsh Elementary to PCC!

The children were assigned into groups that visited 5 different labs which included

 Explanation of cutting heights, mowers, use of moisture meters, stimps, and cutting cups.

  Learning the different soil types that go into making a golf course and how we build USGA sand based greens.

Golf Lab
 Many of the children walked away with a new love for the game, some who had never touched a golf club before!  They got to chip at Bullseyes, "Golfzilla", and Skeeball targets while they learned how to swing a golf club.

Water Lab
They learned how testing and monitoring our local water ways is important to the environment. Students checked pH levels of water, tested conductivity.  They also learned about watersheds and how to preserve our waterways to protect the wild life that lives in our local streams.  They had to chance to study and look at some of the wild life from our creek.

Tree Lab
The children enjoyed examining and passing around different branches and leaves of the various species of trees we enjoy on our property with the help of Jason Lubar from Morris Arboretum and our landscape superintendent  Alexander Reynolds.

Putting Lab
Kids learned how to putt and participated in putting contests with their partners to see who could make the longest putt.  They also putted toward SNAG golf bullseyes.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Militia Hill Fairway Nursery Grow In

We hope you're all enjoying the new bentgrass lower practice range so far this year. We're glad to announce our 2017 Nursery Fairway on Militia Hill is growing in nicely and ahead of schedule. As you know, we stripped the lower range tee as it was a mix of rye and bentgrass which differed from our bentgrass fairways.  The lower range sod and nutrient rich soil that was removed did not go to waste either as it was used as a base for the nursery for this years grow in.


 Nursery Green looking very healthy

Grown from 007 bentgrass seed, the same as Wissahickon fairways

 Sod removed from lower range tee and used as a healthy soil base for seeding (November 2016)

The PCC Sod Farm!