Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Upper Range Tee

With the new Zoysia Practice Tee in perfect shape and recently opening for members, it was time to address the upper practice tee.  The upper practice tee was in need of being leveled and regrassed to 007 bentgrass to create a tee that would truly replicate the fairway conditions of the renovated Wissahickon course.

Zoysia Tee seeing plenty of action during the first week of opening

Upper Practice Tee Restoration

Sod cutting the existing practice tee

Removing the existing grass from the upper tee which was mostly rye grass

View from the Zoysia Practice Tee

Almost completely stripped and ready to be leveled

Before it could be leveled we went over it with seeda-vator to break up the soil.
Members using the Zoysia Practice Tee in the foreground.

Smart Leveler to ensure a perfectly level tee

Leveling the tee with the transit in the foreground.

Putting out some 70-30 tee mix before seeding.

Using knobby tires to dimple the soil after seeding to get good soil to seed contact.

The newly seeded practice tee

Putting down sod around the teaching mats so that lessons would not be disrupted.

Laying sod down around the teaching mats only.

Watering the newly seeded tee

Heavy rain just 2 days later resulted in having to reseed some areas where seed washed away.

Seed starting to germinate 6 days after initial seeding.

13 days after seeding and just after the first mowing.

17 days after seeding.  Picture taken from the other side of the range tee.