Sunday, April 23, 2017

Tree Transplanting on Wissahickon Course

Over the off season we transplanted a 50 foot Sweetgum tree from the right of 18 rough and moved it to the left side of 18 tee where it replaced a smaller tree which was also transplanted forward 25 yards.

The process involved excavating the tree and maintaining a 25 foot root-ball so the tree has the best possible chance of survival. To accomplish such a task of moving it over 250 yards involved some very innovative tools including propping the tree up using a series of long airbags to lift the tree up out of the ground and pulling it with a large excavator.

 Excavating tree to maintain healthy root ball

 Tree rigged with burlap and wire mesh for stability

 Steel pipes hammered under tree to create a base plate

 Airbags being used to hoist tree into air

 Making our way toward 18 tee

Moving the tree

The view from 18 tee

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Rodney Robbins named Superintendent of The Country Club at Muirfield Village

We congratulate Rodney Robbins on accepting the Golf Course Superintendent position at The Country Club at Muirfield in Dublin, Ohio. This move couldn’t be better for him.  Being an Ohio native he will be closer to his family and friends and we wish him the very best on his new journey with wife Stephanie and twin boys, Levi and Wyatt.

Rodney came to PCC from an extensive background of great golf clubs including the world renowned Pinehurst.  He served PCC as Superintendent of St. Martins Golf Course this past year where he excelled in delivering outstanding conditions day in and day out. He was also an integral part of our tournament planning during Constellation while providing our members with an alternative golf course to play during this time.

We also wanted to acknowledge PCC members for their time and participation.  Whether reaching out to your personal contacts or helping perform mock interviews, PCC members have always played an integral role in helping our superintendents become their best and achieve their own positions.  Rodney is the ninth superintendent to be promoted in such a manner in the last six years.  This form of positive turn-over helps PCC to continue to recruit top talent from across the U.S., which in turn, continues to help our club constantly improve.

For those members  who would like to congratulate Rodney, we have placed a link to his email below.

Rodney's Email

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent Job Posting

Philadelphia Cricket Club recently had the fortune of helping another superintendent achieve their own position (nine in the past six years).  Subsequently, we have key openings in our turf management staff as we head into the upcoming golf season.  Our postings below offer an opportunity for someone looking to take the next step in their career.

Members conducting a mock interview.

Group photo with Bernhard Langer, the winner of the 2016 Senior Players Championship.

 Group Photo with the winner of the PGA of America's Professional National Championship.

Building professional relationships and friendships while literally in the trenches.

Grounds Crew taking in a Philadelphia Union Game together.

Project management experience.

 Involvement in budgeting and planning of projects.

Executing large in house projects on the golf course.

 Running a large crew, even during the off season.

 Managing and overseeing large in house projects to improve the club off the course as well.

Friday, December 23, 2016

2016 Year in Review

Thanks to our members & volunteers!

Membership Office before new hardscape




Great Lawn with classic tennis set-up and drinking locations

Grass tennis fence before

After transparent fence

Pool Pergola built in-house

Nursery construction allowed cost-effective 
re-sodding of Lower Range Tee

Upper Range Tee re-grade & grow in 

Upper Range Tee newly opened

Lower Range Tee re-grade for sod preparation

Fall 2016 new Lower Range Tee

2016 Constellation Senior Players Championship

Player Quotes- (field accounted for 28 Major Championships won)

“It’s a real major, it’s like playing in the U.S. Open or whatever where par is a good score.  So don’t blame guys when they play for the middle of the green here and there because there’s some long holes out there, some tough holes where most of the guys would be extremely happy to be in the middle of the green.  That’s what you have to do at times.”- Bernhard Langer

“Yeah, it’s a U.S. Open caliber golf and scoring, you know.  Like I said, if we had four days of perfect 80-degree weather and 5-mile an hour winds, it still ain’t 12-14 under.”-Scott Dunlap

“Of course they could hold any event here.  You could make this golf course so hard, it’s unbelievable.  They still have a few hundred yards, some back tees, they can tighten these fairways and let the rough grow and you won’t even be able to find a golf ball.”- Bernhard Langer

“The golf course is a magnificent golf course.  Beautiful.  People say it’s always nice and we play with a lot of wind here but the condition of the course is perfect and it’s a great track”- Miguel Angel Jimenez

“It’s so much of a challenge, you know?  Where par every hole means something.  It feels good, it feels great.  Love it because this is what majors should be, you know?  You should feel like it’s a major and it is.  Love it, love it here—absolutely love it.”- Colin Montgomerie

Advanced tournament staging managed to minimally affect the member-experience

Smooth event coordination

Volunteer hospitality

Wonderful team effort

The next day we got to work restoring course for members

Wissahickon was restored in one month after event

June 2016

July 2016

See you in 2017!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Curtis Harder Named Superintendent at Blue Bell Country Club

We are pleased to congratulate Curtis Harder on accepting the Golf Course Superintendent position at Blue Bell Country Club.

Curtis came to PCC this March and while he wasn't here long, he was integral to providing championship conditions on Militia Hill this year.  As regional and national events were scheduled on Wissahickon this year, Curtis proved to be the ultimate team player in sharing resources to help PCC be at its best.  

Curtis worked tirelessly to also ensure that Militia Hill continued to play like a true championship course.  He oversaw a full freshening up of the Militia Hill bunkers this fall just before he left.  He was able to accomplish this in a timely manner to quickly make Militia Hill feel like a brand new course in time for the fall golf season. 
Curtis exhibited consistent dedication to the club and served as a great mentor to our many assistants.  We are excited to see Curtis find continued success locally at Blue Bell Country Club.  We also wanted to be sure to thank PCC members.  Whether reaching out to your personal contacts, or helping perform mock interviews, PCC members have always played an integral role in helping our superintendents become their best and achieve their own positions.  Curtis is the eighth superintendent to be promoted in such a manner in the last six years.  This form of positive turn-over helps PCC to continue to recruit top talent from across the U.S., which in turn, continues to help our courses constantly improve.

For those members who would like to congratulate Curtis, we have placed a link to his email below. 

Curtis's Email 

Congrats Curtis!   

Saturday, August 20, 2016

August Update


Despite this week's heat and humidity, our aerification on Wissahickon went nearly perfect and with the anticipated cooler night temperatures heading our way we are hoping for a quick recovery on Wissahickon as we transition to Militia Hill.

Aerating Wissahickon #1

Cleaning up after aerating Wissahickon #10

Watering Wissahickon #2 after clean up before Topdressing

St Martins

Through the practices of evenly spreading matches and traffic along with the diligent hand watering of Jordan Caplan and his team, the Great Lawn has produced conditioning-levels not seen before in August.  

PCC welcomes the USTA National Grass Court Championships

St Martins golf course is truly dialed in with the Zoysia grass fairways absolutely glowing this time of year.

#1 and #9 fairways at St Martins

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Before and After Update 7/9/16

Constellation Senior Players Championship
June 7, 2016

After the Constellation Senior Players Championship
July 8, 2016
Area outside of membership offices
Area outside of membership offices
Facing the Club House from West Willow Grove Ave

Facing the Club House from West Willow Grove Ave
Seasonal Tennis Fencing
Seasonal Tennis Fencing
Pergola Construction

PCC Carpenter, George Snear, working on the Pergola
Pergola from the kiddie pool

Pergola Completed