Sunday, April 23, 2017

Tree Transplanting on Wissahickon Course

Over the off season we transplanted a 50 foot Sweetgum tree from the right of 18 rough and moved it to the left side of 18 tee where it replaced a smaller tree which was also transplanted forward 25 yards.

The process involved excavating the tree and maintaining a 25 foot root-ball so the tree has the best possible chance of survival. To accomplish such a task of moving it over 250 yards involved some very innovative tools including propping the tree up using a series of long airbags to lift the tree up out of the ground and pulling it with a large excavator.

 Excavating tree to maintain healthy root ball

 Tree rigged with burlap and wire mesh for stability

 Steel pipes hammered under tree to create a base plate

 Airbags being used to hoist tree into air

 Making our way toward 18 tee

Moving the tree

The view from 18 tee