Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Friday, May 16, 2014

Wissahickon User Guide

Below is a link for the Wissahickon User Guide.  This user guide will allow you to familiarize yourself with the changes on the Wissahickon Course and the Flourtown campus so that the club will feel like home when you arrive for that first round of golf or dinner at the club house.

Friday, May 2, 2014

2014 Spring Update

Despite the record-cold winter in Philadelphia, the grounds staff at Philadelphia Cricket remained very productive this off-season.  Major accomplishments included: placing the finishing touches on the Wissahickon Course, completing the brick-work around the new paddle courts, helping construct the new Flourtown patio, constructing new storage bins, building new benches for the Wissahickon course, and installing significant landscaping and hardscaping in many areas of both campuses.  Take a look at the photos below to see some of the work done this winter.

Flourtown Patio

Team Effort: One of our earlier Flourtown patio meetings with all contractors and PCC departments represented.

PCC staff removing snow before taking down the old awning

Demolition starts despite the adverse conditions

Demolition of the old patio

Ready for concrete and the new wall for the patio

The new wall for the patio going up

Ramp for the front of the patio

Rock facing being put on the patio wall

View from the other side

Having our golf course architect, Keith Foster and patio architect, Jim Bogrette review our clubhouse area together has allowed for a seamless transition between golf course and clubhouse.

PCC staff starting the brick-work on the patio deck

Laying Bricks

End of day 1

 New Bridge from #9 to #10

Philadelphia Cricket Club grounds crew working alongside bridge crew

Putting on the deck of the bridge

New bridge almost completed!  Final touches.

Walk bridge in between #1 and #2

Brick walk ways at Saint Martins Paddle Courts

 Laying bricks after clearing the snow from the path

Working from the back of the paddle huts to the parking lot

Back of the paddle hut by the practice clay courts

View from the parking lot

Storage Bins
We created seven large storage bins which allow us to store all materials at the maintenance facility.  This configuration eliminates the need for us to dump in high-visibility, member areas.

  Old bins removed, area graded, and back wall supports being put in.

 Back wall going up after a night snow storm.

Nearing completion of the bins

Bins finished with new parking lot

Landscaping and Hardscaping

 New chip seal paths to give the course a classic, natural look

Removing the old asphalt cart path in front of the patio to install a new cobble stone path

The beginning of the cobble stone path that will run in front of the patio

PCC staff installing landscaping around 1 tee

Our carpenter, George Snear, was hard at work this winter as well, helping with the demolition of the patio and building of the storage bins while building new water cooler houses and benches for the Wissahickon course amongst other things.  The new benches and water cooler houses will give  the course a natural feel and look to it.  Below are some pictures of him putting together one of the new benches.

Cutting the log in half to make two benches

Log cut in half ready to be made in to benches.  Newly finished water cooler house in the background as well.

Drilling out holes for the legs

The legs for the benches

Cutting the legs so they are even.

Finished bench next to a water cooler house and the new bathroom located by 13 and 15 tee box.