Sunday, February 27, 2011

Annual Staff Trip

On Friday, we made our annual staff trip to visit another club. Last year our grounds staff visited Congressional CC. This year we visited Pine Valley GC.

These visits allow both our staffs to exchange ideas on improving conditions and service to our membership.

They also serve as a way to thank and rejuvenate our staff following an off-season of cold, hard work.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

2011 Grounds Staff Complete

Our employee pipeline is very strong. Between seasonal and full time staff we have eighteen employees who either have, or are in the processes of acquiring college turf degrees.

Our 2011 staff also has wonderful geographic diversity with varied backgrounds and experience. This includes representation from twelve different universities.

Our seasonal programs allow membership to have a very skilled staff present during in-play months. During the off-season these employees are removed from PCC’s payroll and work at reciprocal clubs in the South gaining warm-season grass experience.

Tournament Volunteering

In 2011 PCC staff members will be working at thirteen different tournaments. This includes all three American “Majors” (The Masters, US Open, & PGA Championship), as well as representation of each of U.S. golf’s governing bodies (USGA, PGA Tour, PGA of America). Having employees present at so many events allows us to consistently keep a finger on the pulse of all the best practices implemented at each host club. Many of the lessons learned at these tournaments are then implemented at PCC.

Positive Turnover

In 2011, Wissahickon Superintendent, Steve Babcock will be on the lookout for head superintendent positions of his own. PCC members have always played an integral role in helping our staff members move on to their own positions as they grow professionally. This positive staff turnover allows us to continuously recruit the most motivated employees, which then serves as the backbone for maintaining wonderful turf conditions.

Hitting the Ground Running

This off-season, we have created a thorough, seventy-plus page job task manual which will soon be in the hands of all our employees. This will allow our new employees to learn PCC techniques months before they even arrive for their first day of work.

Our team is committed to serving you better than ever, and making 2011 our best year yet!

See the link below, or to the left, if you would like to learn more about each of our employees.