Thursday, November 30, 2017

Resodding of Lower Practice Tee

It's that time of the year again when we shut down our grass practice tees at the range and move to mats. Fortunately, it gives us a chance to re-sod our entire lower practice tee with sod grown from the nursery on Militia Hill. This move will provide our membership a brand new, divot free, 100% bentgrass tee for next year's golf season without the waiting time of seeding.

Once stripped, we begin regrading using our laser leveling box blade 

Meanwhile, the crew begins harvesting our sod from the nursery on Militia Hill
Halfway there!

Sod ready to go!

The crew begins laying the sod

Once laid, we top-dress seams to keep edges from drying out, then tarp it to ensure quick root establishment in the colder weather

Tarps are periodically removed for mowing which helps the turf 'knit' its seams faster

All the spoils stripped off the lower practice are recycled and used as a medium for the next year's grow in

Thanks for a Great Season
Hope to see you on The Range in 2018!