Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Repairing Divots at Philadelphia Cricket Club

Divot Repair Guidelines that are posted in divot mix boxes around the course

To help promote the best course and playing condition, members are asked to make sure to follow the above guidelines when repairing divots.  The divot repair guidelines will be posted underneath the lids of the on-course refill boxes as well as in the caddie areas.

In all situations, please use a small amount of mix and smooth with your foot.  Overfilling the divot impairs growth and dulls mowing equipment.

All PCC caddies have been alerted to the divot repair guidelines.  Please be clear with your caddie at the beginning of your round who will be responsible for each course-care task (divots, ball marks, and bunker raking).  This will ensure the courses remain in great shape for the golfers that are following behind your group.

A new re-fill station located out on the course

More re-fill stations can be found at the following locations

- #4 / #7 Tee, near the water cooler
- #11 Tee, near the native area
- #14 Tee, near the native area
- #17 Tee, near the native area

Militia Hill
- #3 Tee, near the water cooler
- Between #5 green and #6 tees, near the water cooler
- #7 Green, behind the green by the forecaddie walk path
- After #9 Green, near the water cooler prior to the tunnel (same station as #3)
- #12 Green, behind the green in the caddie walk path towards #13
- Left of #16 Fairway, closer to #16 tee

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Flourtown Patio Time Lapse Videos

Hopefully everyone has had a chance to enjoy the new patio at the Flourtown clubhouse.  Below are two time lapse videos taken throughout the process of tearing down the old patio and the construction of the new patio leading up to the opening ceremony to give you a sense of the change from the old patio and the scope of the work.  Enjoy. 

Time lapse video taken from 1 tee

Time lapse video take from right of 18 green