Thursday, September 26, 2013

Time Lapse Video Update

With all of the greens sodded, we hope you will enjoy the last time lapse video of a green being constructed.  Below is the time lapse video of 14 green from the start of construction to the completion.  You can also see the construction of 15 green and 16 tee in the background. 

14 green with 15 green in the background

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Greens Sod Complete!

This weekend saw the completion of all the greens being sodded just in time before the heavy rain Saturday night.  The last piece of greens sod was put in to place on the 12th green on Friday evening and now we have another month of good weather to get them grown in.  Below is a collection of photos of a few of the completed greens complexes.  Enjoy the the photos as you envision sticking your approach shot close to the pin on these new, prestigious greens.

Sept. 20, 4:57pm...last of green sod laid at Philly Cricket! Still a month left for growing-in! 

 Mowing 11 green on a beautiful Saturday morning.

 1 Green 

2 Green

3 Green

6 Green

9 Green

10 Green

11 Green

12 Green

14 Green

15 Green

16 Green

17 Green

18 Green

Friday, September 20, 2013

Wissahickon Restoration Update 9/20/13

Since the last update a lot of progress has been made on the Wissahickon restoration project.  All of the greens will be sodded by Saturday.  Greens 1, 13, and 16 are sodded and 12, 14, and 15 are being sodded today.  The contractors continue to fine tune a few of the fairway lines and fairway bunkers on phase III while our crew continues with sod work.  Our crew continues to lay big rolls of sod in the rough and stripping sod from 12 fairway where the contractors are reshaping areas of the fairway.  This sod is then being used in other areas of the course where disturbances have occurred and need to be repaired.  Please enjoy the photos below to see the work being done.

Phase II

#1 green sod wrapping up

 PCC assistants and staff doing an awesome job prepping between 1 & 2 for rough sod in the wee hours of Saturday morning

Phase III

Left fairway bunker on 12

Keith marking the perimeter of the quarry bunker on 12 with Militia Hill course in the background

Keith and bunker team reviewing final shaping of the quarry bunker on 12

 Quarry-bunker being shaped in the distance into the quarry wall on 12, along Tillinghast's original line

 Installing last bit of greensmix on our last green on 12

 Keith and Medalist's greens-team reviewing final fine-grade on 12 green

 Fine grading of 13 green

 Sodding 13 green

 Lots of action on 14 & 15 greens and greens surrounds

View of future approach shot into 14 green

Right-side view of 14 green with 15 in the background

 Sodding 14 & 15 green surrounds, and prepping the greens for sod

Close-up of 14 bunkers being sanded and sodded

Wide view of 14 green in the foreground with 15 green in the background

 Sodding 14 green. 15 green sodded in background

 Greens mix going into 15 green with sodded and sanded bunkers

16 cross bunker roughed-in. Left bunker and fairway line adjustments still to come

Friday, September 6, 2013

Wissahickon Restoration Update 9/6/13

This week saw work being done in phase II and phase III between rain storms. The new area by the club houses was sodded which included the first tee, the new larger putting green, and the 18th green.  Phase II also saw the 11th and 17th green and surrounds get sodded and green side bunkers put in.  Phase III saw the shaping of the 14th and 15th greens as well as the tees at 16 and 12 starting to take shape.  This includes the new championship tee at 12, which will provide a dramatic and challenge tee shot for the 12th hole.  Please enjoy the photos below and the time lapse video of the 14th green construction with the 15th green and 16th tee in the background.

Phase II

Finishing touches around 1 green complex

 Sodding #11 green and shaping of #12 champ tee

 Another view of 11 green sodding

 11 sod complete

17 green sodded & green side bunkers

Phase III

Keith Foster evaluating 12 champ tee location. (Reintroduction of Tillinghast's original line for the hole)

 Time Lapse Video of 14th and 15th green