Thursday, June 1, 2017

Militia Hill Fairway Nursery Grow In

We hope you're all enjoying the new bentgrass lower practice range so far this year. We're glad to announce our 2017 Nursery Fairway on Militia Hill is growing in nicely and ahead of schedule. As you know, we stripped the lower range tee as it was a mix of rye and bentgrass which differed from our bentgrass fairways.  The lower range sod and nutrient rich soil that was removed did not go to waste either as it was used as a base for the nursery for this years grow in.


 Nursery Green looking very healthy

Grown from 007 bentgrass seed, the same as Wissahickon fairways

 Sod removed from lower range tee and used as a healthy soil base for seeding (November 2016)

The PCC Sod Farm!