Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Large brick patio outside Blue Room

As the brick path goes from the squash courts to the paddle courts it widens outside of the Blue Room to create a large brick patio that can be used for large outdoor events at St Martins.  Below are pictures taken from our time lapse camera of the process involved to install the patio.  Even through the inclement weather the crew worked at a rapid pace to get the patio installed quickly.

Adding the base layer for the patio

Installing drainage for the patio

Drainage pipe being installed under the patio

Compacting the base layer before putting down the sand layer

Tarp laid down ahead of the snow storm to keep it from getting wet and freezing

Removing the snow the next day

Sand layer in the foreground for the path that runs from the squash court and will tie into the patio

Bricks being staged as loads of sand are being brought in

Sand layer being put down by one crew as another crew follows behind laying bricks

Patio being laid as the path continues toward the paddle courts

End of the patio and the continuation of the path in the foreground.  Dry sand being put down on top of the patio to fill the cracks and the entire length of the path in the background.

Dry sand being brushed in to the cracks of the patio to secure the bricks

The end of the patio and the continuation of the brick path toward the paddle courts.

View of the patio from underneath the archway outside the Blue Room