Saturday, January 4, 2014

Bald Eagles At Philadelphia Cricket Club

With the Philadelphia Eagles hosting a playoff game today, it felt like a great day to share photos of Philadelphia Cricket Club's own pair of Bald Eagles.

Two Bald Eagles Perched in a Tree

Of the approximate 80,000 Bald Eagles found in the world today, it is estimated that only 200 reside in the state of Pennsylvania (not including the Philadelphia Eagles mascot, Swoop!).  Philadelphia Cricket Club is fortunate to have a pair of our national birds frequenting our grounds! 

The golf courses in Flourtown provide an ideal habitat for the birds.  The consistently flowing quarry water (which we also re-use for irrigation purposes) never completely freezes in the winter, and provides cooler water for trout in the summer months.  This combination gives the eagles a great year-round food source. 

The golf courses also provide ideal stalking ground for bald eagles.  Unlike heavily forested area, eagles like to perch atop our large trees to scout vast, open areas of the golf courses, along with bodies of water. 

Philly Cricket Club's golf courses are providing a home-field type of competitive advantage to our bald eagles.  Hopefully, Lincoln Financial Field provides the same type of advantage tonight in delivering a playoff victory to Philadelphia!  "Fly Eagles, Fly!"

Bald Eagles perched above the pond on Militia Hill #3

 Bald Eagle swooping down to get a fish from Wissahickon #12

Bald Eagle by the creek on the newly restored Wissahickon #6

Close up of Bald Eagle by the creek on the newly restored Wissahickon #6