Friday, October 11, 2013

Wissahickon Restoration Update 10/12/13

Since the last update we have completed all the major shaping on the course and continue to work on fine details along with our continued sod work, as we button up areas on the course.  The sod work has included, flopping sod in the fairways as the final lines of the fairways have been drawn out by Keith.  Another big portion of the sod work includes sodding the large bluff to the right of 15 with native fescue.  This will provide a dramatic view next summer when the fescue seed heads turn bright gold.  Please enjoy our most recent photos and our last time lapse video from 14 green.

Big Rolls of sod for the rough

16 coming together

16 prepped out and ready for 6 trucks of sod to go down

View of 14 green (being topdressed) and 16 fairway from hillside right of 15

Sodding huge bluff right of #15

 Throwing sod from the top of the hill to employees laying it in the middle of the hillside

 Wide-view of #15 native sodding in the background (#14 green in foreground)

The final time lapse video of 14 green