Friday, August 9, 2013

Wissahickon Restoration Update

All facets of the Wissahickon Restoration are moving at full speed this week with work being done on all three phases.

Phase I
The contractors are working hard to get phase I buttoned up with in the coming weeks.  Please enjoy the photos below to see all of the progress done last week in phase I.  There is also a video of the progress at "The Great Hazard".

Hole #4 / "The Great Hazard"

 Tidying up left fairway bunker on 4 

View of reintroduced, left bunker near 4 green

 Starting to lay fescue in The Great Hazard

 All bunkers of The Great Hazard

 Great Hazard sodding coming along nicely

The Great Hazard on it's first clear day

 #4 from the forward tee

 View of #4 from back tee

Time Lapse video of "The Great Hazard"

Hole #7
This past week, most of hole 7 was completed.  This included the sodding of the greens and surrounds and the installation of all bunker sand and sod around the bunkers.

PCC staff lining left fairway bunkers on 7

 Sodding 7 green and lining green side bunkers

 Re-introducing our church pew bunkers on 7

#7 bunkers

#7 church pew bunkers complete!

Hole #8

 #8 champ tee...close to 230 yds

Phase II
Rough Grading continues to progress in the areas of #1 Tee / #18 Green as well as the Green Complexes on #1, 11, and 17.

 Beginning to core #11 green

Rough Grading of #3, 10, and 2 is completed and finish grading and bunker edging has begun.

 Rough grading #3 (view from #9 Green Complex) 

3 green rough graded

Coring #2 green. Also in background, advanced fairway seeding going very well on phase 2 & 3

 10 rough graded