Sunday, June 9, 2013

Militia Hill Patio Complete!

In preparing for the Wissahickon Restoration close period this summer, our staff worked with architect Jim Bogrette to construct a 5,500 sq. ft. patio at Militia Hill.  This will help accommodate the increased member usage at Militia Hill, and the new patio capacity now matches potential function size of events hosted there.  The patio was constructed out of flagstone and is laid in a European style.

Welcome to the new patio at the Militia Hill clubhouse...all finished and ready for the members of the Philadelphia Cricket Club to enjoy.

The base has been created and the patio begins to take shape - existing soil has been moved and some new soil been added to make this happen.

The concrete layer being poured to provide a solid base for the flagstone.

 Time for a quick break - the crew stops for a quick photo as the concrete layer is nearly complete!

 The concrete layer is complete and now the patio is ready for the flagstone to be laid.

 The progress continues through the inclement weather - putting up a tarp allows us to continue to lay flagstone in the rain and snow.

 All hands on deck!  The crew grouting the joints of the flagstone as the patio is almost complete.

The patio is complete and the landscaping is being planted to put the finishing touches on the project.

 The new field bake oven, just like the ones used by the Revolutionary soldiers at Valley Forge - this will provide some tasty, fire-grilled meals to be enjoyed on the new patio.