Thursday, March 31, 2022

Off-Season Bunker Work

This Winter we chose to resod all our bunker surrounds on Militia Hill, refresh the bunkers with sand, and recapture our original bunker edges.  We quickly, and cost effectively refreshed all important bunker playing surfaces that our golfers value most.  After expeditiously completing every bunker on Militia Hill, we transitioned to select bunkers on Wissahickon. 

Bunkers on 6 MH being sodded

Warming up the bunkers to keep working while the ground is frozen

Removing the tarp and getting work on WH #3

Sand build-up at the chipping green bunker

Removing sand build-up

Repairing the bunker fingers with fresh soil

New bunker finger after removing old sod and sand build up

Crew working on Right side of #1 MH

Fairway bunker on #1 MH

Greenside bunker on #1 MH

Laying New sod on #1 MH

#1 MH Green Complex after sod work

#1 MH fairway and greenside bunkers completed

Repairing the bunker face and edges on #8 WH

New Sod delivery for WH

Laying new sod on #8 WH greenside.  
The fairway bunker will be next.

Finished bunker at #8 WH

New Racquets Terrace

The team installed a bluestone Racquets Terrace outside of the Squash facility that will be used this summer while the main clubhouse and porch are under construction.  Facing West, members will be able to enjoy sunsets over the new clubhouse cupola and dormers that will be reintroduced later this summer.  With its proximity to Padel, Squash, and the Great Lawn it will be a great multi-use space for years to come.

New Racquets Terrace

Excavation and prep for the new Racquets Terrace

Compacting Stone Base Layer

Checking the Pattern

Installing Boxwood border while finishing laying Blue Stone

Racquets Terrace complete, View towards the Clubhouse

Racquets Terrace complete.  View of Squash facility

Racquets Terrace completed in only12 days!

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Assistant Superintendent Job Posting

Philadelphia Cricket Club recently had the fortune of helping another superintendent achieve their own position (14 in the past ten years).  Subsequently, we now have an opening for an Assistant Superintendent position as we head into the upcoming golf season.  Our posting below offers an opportunity for someone looking to take the next step in their career.

Members conducting a mock interview.

Group photo with Bernhard Langer, the winner of the 2016 Senior Players Championship.

 Group Photo with the winner of the 2015 PGA of America's Professional National Championship.

Building professional relationships and friendships while literally in the trenches.

Grounds Crew taking in a Philadelphia Union Game together.

Project management experience.

 Involvement in budgeting and planning of projects.

Executing large in house projects on the golf course.

 Running a large crew, even during the off season.

 Managing and overseeing large in house projects to improve the club off the course as well.

Monday, January 11, 2021

Scott Hans named Superintendent at Brookfield Country Club in Clarence, NY

We are pleased to congratulate Scott Hans on accepting the Golf Course Superintendent position at The Brookfield Country Club in Clarence, NY.  Scott who is originally from New England, will be moving closer to his family as well as closer to some great snowboarding.


Scott came to PCC and started as an assistant on Wissahickon and worked tirelessly to provide excellent course conditions for member play as well as The Big Ten Championship and The Philadelphia Open.  Scott moved into the role of Wissahickon Superintendent during the challenging year of 2020 but was able to adjust to an ever-changing environment of ups and downs to provide high quality golf the whole time.


We also wanted to acknowledge PCC members for their time and participation.  Whether reaching out to your personal contacts or helping perform mock interviews, PCC members have always played an integral role in helping our superintendents become their best and achieve their own positions.  Scott is the fourteenth superintendent to be promoted in such a manner in the last ten years.  This form of positive turn-over helps PCC to continue to recruit top talent from across the U.S., which in turn, continues to help our club constantly improve.


For those members who would like to congratulate Scott Hans, we have placed a link to his email below.


Tuesday, June 9, 2020

St Martins Lawn Patio

In late May we began to hear about challenges facing all food and beverage operations reopening in a world impacted by COVID-19.  Challenges included initially allowing only exterior dining and limiting interior seating to possibly 50% of capacity.  While we plan to adhere to short-term government mandates, we also knew that it was important for our members to have long term options for feeling comfortable and safe whenever they visited the club in the future.

We quickly reevaluated the feasibility of a project we had previously investigated prior to COVID-19, installing a flagstone patio near the Great Lawn to add seating.  Given the urgent circumstances, we were granted permission move forward.  I am pleased to report that our dedicated team of employees worked at a blistering pace and executed this work, from start to finish, in only one week!  
Early member feedback from those who have observed the patio has been extremely positive.  We have been told that it looks timeless, fits appropriately with how our members desire to use the club, provides our racquets community with a social experience similar to what Flourtown has overlooking the 1st and 18th holes, and will become a very popular area among the entire membership.  As the sun sets behind the clubhouse, the entire space is shaded by 5:30pm allowing for comfortable summer evenings.

Functionally, the lawn patio will serve as a perfect lingering space to have a cocktail before or after dinner or a sporting match.  This will be especially important when we reopen as we will be striving to accommodate as many members as possible dining on the porch while likely under government seating restrictions.  Currently, we are populating the patio with the extra tables and chairs we are not using due to social distancing requirements.  

Below are photos of the new lawn patio.  Fingers crossed; we hope you can enjoy it soon!


Relocating the boxwood hedge to make room for the patio

Boxwood hedge relocated and site excavated

Base material installed

Installation begins

Ensuring our pattern is just right

Finished in one week!

View of the Lawn Patio from the Tennis Patio

Seating for 40!

Minimal aesthetic change from the Great Lawn

Beautiful setting overlooking the Great Lawn

"Before" image taken in late 2014

"After" image following Lawn Patio completion!

Monday, March 9, 2020

Grounds and Facilities Update

A tremendous amount has been accomplished around the club in February.  The Flourtown Kitchen is wrapping up on time.  Below are some of the major project that have taken place.

 Flourtown kitchen planning meeting in October 2019

 Reviewing design work in November of 2019

 Preconstruction Meeting

 Demolition begins

 Rough-in meeting prior to electrical and plumbing adjustments

 Hood installation begins

 Epoxy floor installation

 Floor complete

 New ceiling grid and LED light installation

 Gas hook ups positioned for new equipment

New three-shelve unit installed with ten heaters 

 Equipment connection process

 New kitchen line complete!

Time Lapse Video of the kitchen construction

Walk-in refrigerator and freezer installation

Walk-in refrigerator and freezer complete

Installation of character-grade, white oak floor

 Sanding prior to staining

 Finished floor installation

 Electrical modifications prior to adding more fans on the patio

 Unloading delivery of large trees

New trees prior to planting

 Tree installation to the right of #3 Militia Hill Complete

 Informational plaque placed near #4 Militia Hill tee explaining the history of the stone ruins

 Expanded drop area on #17 Militia Hill

An eight-court pickleball social being hosted in our indoor facility following the painting of blended lines

Additional seating capacity created near the baby pool